We do an awful lot of negative venting in the forums...

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Negative vent sessions are invaluable and is an excellent release of frustration.


On the flip side of that coin there is positive venting/thinking which is a release of positive energy.

I believe that positive thinking is invaluable and leads to success.


Please share some good news!

Share your positive uplifting moments that happened to you with OfferUp.


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Omg, @Shupat - I love this!! 

Something posi I'll share - it's not related to OfferUp, but it's my best friends birthday tomorrow and I'm looking forward to the weekend! Smiley Happy

Something that IS related to OfferUp - I had a couple fun and exciting meetings today 😎*cliffhanger* 

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WOW!!! @Shupat, I was just about to start basically the very same type of post. Just this very moment. I wanted to give a spece for anyone esle who might have been looking for something different they can share besides what's been going on. Incredible. 


So there you go, that's my feel good, positive moment here today.

I'll repeat, your a rock star!

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@Mj_206  I hope those cliffhangers have something to do with either...

The new badges --

Starting an education/teacher category --

Or the new Out of the office alert feature --


@cyclomatic  Great minds think alike.

Thanks again for your kind and gracious words! Heart


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Sharing some more good news!



Does anyone have any fun plans for the weekend or any meetups planned? Smiley Happy

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TGIF is excellent news! 

I just returned from vacation. I plan on resting from my vacation this weekend. Smiley Happy

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Happy Summer Solstice!


Today is the first day of summer!

The longest day and shortest night of the year!


Grasp today with both hands and don't let go until it is over!


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~Ciao´ @Shupat
Great idea !!
Appreciate you starting a "positive" energy post.
There is never too much kindness to share !! Pass On Please... ✌👶
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I’m guilty of making negative comments (sorry). Even when I was a little punk, everyone responded with kindness. Today I met with the nicest man... he purchased some coins from me and we had the best conversation. I’ve sold things through a few different sites and this one is by far the best💙
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~Ciao´ @Alright
Your heart-felt post is very much appreciated! See ya in the forums! Little biased as well with OfferUp💜