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Wedding and Free Category

I see a wedding & Free category on my home page but it is not an option on my posting page.  How can I select these categories when posting?


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I had the same question! I thought it might have something to do with my being new, but you're a level 6, so that can't be it. I hope someone has an answer - this is a good time of year to move wedding-related items.
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Hello @Rainfall7 !

Great minds think alike.  Smiley Happy

What kind/type of wedding items do you have?

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Does anybody know the answer this question? It's been almost a year since @Shupat started this thread and this post hasn't been marked solved yet.
I'm still wondering how to post to the Wedding category! ,)
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Great question... @Rainfall7!
The Wedding Items category is most likely the same as the
Holiday categories.
You would need to include:
Wedding, or what have you...
in the Title. 😉
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I'll give that a try. Thanks for the tip!
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Sure thing...