Welcom all members

I wan say hello for every one and I’m excited to use OfferUp from 2 year ago I thing , It has changed for the better, and I hope it will become like Amazon.
Thank you
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Welcome me 2 I'm in OU for 3 years and I don't even know we have a community forum 😂😂 so Welcome everyone.
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@Ashrafame2012  I believe it can only get better as long as we stay involved. I’m glad we have people like you and others. Glad to meet you. See you in the forums.

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Welcome to the Community forums
Glad you both found your awesome OU Community Neighbors!
Better late than never... right Smiley Wink
See ya around the Neighborhood!
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@Ashrafame2012 @elcascas welcome to the forum, you'll find the best people in the world here! Any problems or questions that you might have, they'll have you covered.

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True better later that never and thanks for the warm welcome 👍