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OfferUp employee

Welcome to the OfferUp discussion forums!


We are so excited that you are here! We hope you have taken the time to look around and see all of the different aspects and topics that are here for you and that we will cover. If not, make sure you check out the Blog where we will be highlighting features, exciting announcements, helpful tips from your fellow community members, and TruStories.


As for the discussion forums, we have:


  • Get Started which you are in now
  • Pro Tips where you will be able to read about and get involved in discussions surrounding tips and best practices for using OfferUp
  • Local Connections where you can connect with other OfferUp members on location and shared interests
  • Business Advice where you can see and learn how others are using OfferUp!


This is where we want to hear from you. What do you like about the online community so far? What do you wish there were more of? Is there something you would like to see that we don’t have in here yet? What do you dislike?


Since this is all for you, we would love to hear what you have to say.


Leave your feedback with us when you can! We’ll be listening Smiley Happy

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