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Well now that offer up has been saturated by the same 50 tire ads repeated 1000 times, i think there needs to be some investigation as to which ids are all durrived from what sources. Seems to me that these ads are simply 1 or 2 shops that have ceated multiple accounts and are just posting them non stop around the clock, effectively destroying the variety and shortening the visibility if any other itrms that are posted. 


With such a massive amount of listings being posted costantly,all other posts are quickly being pushed into oblivion and barely ever get seen by buyers wno are trying to browse but become caught in the maze of tires that keeps makibg sure tye browsing area will always keep moving any items they might want to see but simply cant find them if they dont click on them the second they see them.


This has become the number 1 complaint from buyers. If they clickk  on anything they willnever find the other items that were posted in view whenthwhe clicked on the other item. The problem is compounded by offer ups metgme tgth have developed for moving items down  the buying area. Things move at different rates and what was once grouped together will most certainly be changed and anything that they wanted to see before they clicked on another item wil be lost forever. 


They good side is this forces buyers to use the search to shoo instead of browsing, meaning theres a better chance they might see my stuff, but the bad part is the search engine serms to avoid listing my stuff in the resukts most of the time! There seems to be no simpleç solution but i do know that the harder it becomes to find what you want the less likely people will be to bother using the app at again!


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Hi @zinda we had a local business here that was starting to do that,,,,,,several friends and i all contacted the manager and told them,,,,,,,,,,,,,hey,we all do business with you,,,,,its a small town,,,,,,,,,,,but if you are gonna mess offerup up for us,,,,,,,so we cant make a little extra money,,,,,we will no longer do business with you,,,,,,,,i got five friends to contact the manager,,,,and they each got some of their friends and family that use offerup to also do it,,,,,,,,,,,,,the problem ended,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,this may not work in a more populated area ,,,,,,,but it worked here

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I just think its very odd that there were only a few tire ads 2 weeks ago and now theres 85% of every listing is for tires?!? Its the same 50 pictures with 20 different names all coming from 1 or 2 tire shops, but they are relentless reposting the ads every 30 minutes so anyone else who posts anything is quickly wiped away from the veiw of would be buyers, what its doing is effectly removing any impulse buying. Which is bad, it also deters new shoopers from using the app when all they see is 1 type if item posted 1000 times and only 100 other items posted in betweens those tires. I may be exaggerating a bit, theres probably not 100 other items per 1000 tires ads, its probably more like 70 per 1000 tires ads. 


So serious buyers who know what they want can no longer browse, they are forced to use the search, now normally that would be a nonisuue, thats how most selling sites are meant to be used if you know exactly what you are looking for. The problem is 90% of sellers post the most vague and uninformative posts thst even when you look at the ad you still wont be able to tell exactly what they are selling. No model numbers, no descriotion, poor pictures and most sellers are flat out lying about the condition! So for me the sesrch works in my favor since i include the info needed for the sesrch engine to find my items, the problem is the sesrch engine is terrible at finding stuff!


Even if i sesrch for tires, i enter the size i want, specific numbers in order thats needed to find the proper fit for my rims, lets say 275/40/17 or 275-40-17 i will get thousands of useless sizes that arent even any of those numbers in any order. Most importantly they need to be 17" and i wont see any 17" tires for 20 screens, who has time to thumb through 1000 images and you need to click on each 1 just to find out what size they are, before you even find a 17" thats nowhere near the size that would fit in the first place?!? So buyers will end up shopoing elsewhere since the time involved just to find items you need is far beyound reasonable.


But in my case, the sesrch engine just skips most of my listings and they are nevrr seen by anyone. I always ask buyers how they found my items, and what they think about using the app for buying. Most stumble upon an item and then look to see my other sales, thats when they finally find out what i have. The resl problem is when buyers are browsing and accidentally hit a post and when they try to go back to where they were just at (they usually have thrir eye on a few other posts on that page all grouped together) they find that everything has now changed and they no longer see anything tgat they wanted to see! This happens so often that they will give up and stop looking out of frustration. The app needs to freeze the buying area for buyers right when they log on to browse and not show any new added items unless the buyer goes back to the start. 


These are the main issues with shopping here, before this app can reslly see its potential for connecting buyers with items and completing ssles it needs to get control over each buyers shopping experience, making it mire useable from the buyers point of view. A constantly changing environment with the chsnce of touching the screen acidentslly iscnot a good mix when the screen follows the itrm they just clicked on and not staying in the moment it was prior to clicking as would be expected.


So tires or not the spp us becoming harder for buyers to find things as it becomes filled with more stuff from sellers. The app is destroying the shopping experience by trying to offer more choices when they are not wanted.

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lol @zinda,,,,,,,,i wish there were that many tires to look though in my area ,,,,,,,,,im always looking at tires,,,,,,,,,i always know someone that needs tires,,,,,,,ive found some great deals for decent used tires for several friends here on offerup,,,,,,,,,,but here in my area ,,,have to act fast,,,,,,,,,,good deals sell pretty fast here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but i can see your frustration looking for that particular size,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i dont think i have even seen a 17 inch for sale in my area,,,,,,,,mostly 14, 15 , 16 , 20 and larger,,,,,,,,,,the majority of the tires in my area they dont put the size in the description,,,,,they tell what vehicle they were on ,,,,and the size is in the picture of the tires  , i think the majority of ones selling them here dont really know what the numbers even mean,,,,,,,,myself i dont see that as a problem,,,,,,,,,i can find the tires im looking for because the ones that just do a search over look a lot ,,,,,,,,but you are right it can be time consuming,,,,,,,,,,,,but when you can save up to a thousand dollars on a useable set of tires,,,,,,,,its  worth the time.,,,,,,,Ive found several sets of tires for people and they have given me a hundred dollars for my time doing it,,,,,,,,,,right now im looking for a size that two months ago there were several sets,,,,,and now i cant find any that particular size,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I have also found that the ones that know more about the size and how to describe the condition of the tires ,,,,,,,want a lot more money ,,,they are the ones that know the true value.

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It's not just tires, it's everything and why are we forced to view items not in our area, offer up is goin down the drain, fast
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@Shawn66 are you aware of the default setting that let's you set the distance you want your feed to be from you. If want to see only items close to you then you merely set the default to reflect your desires. And who knows maybe you won't see so many tires!