What about truyou member?

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I have recently get in contact with a truyou member he sell me something he said that he was going to do the shipping of the item after I send him the money. But i send it and he block me or something because i can find his profile or the item! What can i do?
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Hi @Rgcc11697 welcome to the Community forum.
What option did you use to pay for the item? your options are reporting this issue to OfferUp customer support team. Also report this to your local authorities, did you keep the messages between you and the other person? Can you access his item for sale from the messages? So you can go to the persons profile page and report them, If you cannot, contact the OfferUp customer support team,
give any information on the seller like the persons username.
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Never heard if you got your issue resolved to satisfaction. Come back and share your OfferUp experience as it would be helpful to others here.