What are new cool features you want to be added to OfferUp?

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I totally gree with Beck21, Re:not being able to delete our items after they sell, also not able to delete the messages, we have to archive them. If the transaction is over why can't we just delete the messages? I understand giving us an option to keep them for a week at the most. Any option would be a great addition to the app. Smiley Happy Thank You!
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The ability to post items for sale on your PC.  That is it from me.  This is frustrating as hell.  You would get better pictures, better descriptions if you allowed to post on PC.

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I agree, i would like to be able to edit and rotate my pictures. Also i would like to be able to delete messages. I have people that will message me on 20 items, then they changed their mind or stop all communication. Now i have a ton of messages to hide. Little frustrating.
Akhere, I understand where you're coming from. However, I disagree on the idea. My friend had someone rate her on a different buy & sell app who she never done business with and that rating lowered her score. All because of some loser who messes with people's ratings for no reason. I'm sure none of us would want that to happen to our ratings. That would suck. Smiley Sad
Cal, So you want to earn points & prizes for behaving and showing respect? You should automatically behave and have respect! You shouldn't have to be bribed into being a decent person in Life. We definitely don't need that Feature on this app.
Yes! Posting from the PC would be a huge help! My phone is older and runs slow plus taking and uploading the photos kills the battery. It's super frustrating! It'd also be nice if the buyers have to rate the sellers, I always rate those who purchase from me and out of the 20-something items I've sold so far I've literally gotten 2 rating (both great!) but that's it. It kinda **bleep**ty for them not to leave feedback, especially if there is something they think could be improved upon like reply times, meet ups, ect. I feel like they could also add read receipts to the messaging system like LetGo does, it's really cool to know that the messages were read especially for buyers are super flaky and don't have the decency to let you know they're passing or not interested even after saying they want to purchase. If I can see that the potential buyer saw my message 26 hours ago I can move to the next person without wondering if they haven't checked their app or the message didn't go through.
Repost from another post I replied to:

I'm only speaking on my own behalf however, in certain others feel the same way. There is no way to provide feedback on deadbeat buyers, those who say: I'll meet you here at "X" time and I travel there, wait for some time and the buyer no longer responds, doesn't show, and has nothing on their profile that would indicate otherwise.

In a particular situation I would not have left my home and traveled 23 miles away, wait for 45 minutes - being that I traveled a great distance, only to be left holding the proverbial bag.

There needs to be a way sellers can rate buyers once they've agreed to meeting. EG, meet at this place (you already have this option) and both parties confirm meeting at "X" time and lock both parties in to that commitment, nce you've arrived at your location you should be able to "check in" to show you've made it there and at that time enable the ability to be able to rate a buyer at that point forward.

Too many of us are getting burned by these hagglers who have no real intentions of meeting up...
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I know that many agree with perfect_storm, and I am one of them. I don't know if this has already been said, it probably has, but just in case I'd like to add that there also needs to be a way that if we are able to rank them in this manner, they won't know about it so they can't come back and rank us low. As it is now, if we rank someone they are notified to rank us back. We know if they do because our # goes up and if they don't bother, it stays the same. I understand people get busy and may not have time at the time of notification. If all went well, I'm able to still message the other person and politely ask if they would please rank me when they can as a reminder. I believe OfferUp only sends the one message, if I'm wrong please correct me. Basically we're saying there has to be a better way and we need "OfferUp" to help us weed out the people that do these things. Its uncalled for, it's unprofessional, and I could go on, but I'll stop here and end this by saying, I left "Letgo" for these exact reasons. I truly believed this was the better app. and the better place to be, but these things and even worse have happened to me. It makes me not want to sell at all locally and just get on the Ebay highway like so many others have chosen to do. Sometimes, you just need more rules and consequences. Now is the time. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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@akhere @B4 @Perfect_Storm @Morganleigh92 @PrincessNikki82 Thank you to everyone for participating in this thread. I'm definitely listening and watching as all of these are great points. We're always looking to improve and feedback like this is one of the reasons why we created the forums. So keep it coming and I'm here, taking notes Smiley Happy

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Need to add a quantity amount in case sellers have more than one of an item.
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