What are new cool features you want to be added to OfferUp?

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We have an option to flag or report users if neccessary how about away to let us know if they have been removed or deleted or acccount deactivated? I reported someone for sexual harassment and they were still and are still on here!!!! How???? We have the right to know what actions were taken against the person especially if we are doing the reporting! We should be allowed to know something! We should feel safe and most of us prob dont.i knw I dnt anymore. This IS NOT A DATING SITE!!
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You are right but the current rating sysytem is not just vague it's also easily compromised and can be used to help aid bad sellers in making their sales.

Example: bad buyer has a bunch of broken car electronics to sell. Starts a new profile with a new phone number and post their address far from the real one. Posts a bunch of fake sales on offer up and has their friends send messages saying they want to buy the items. No actual sales are made and the seller marks each item sold and gives 5 star ratings to buyers who in turn do the same. After 30 or so 5 star ratings (could be done in 1 day) they then post their real junk sales.

Now using offer ups suggestions on selling every time a buyer is interested they will tell you to meet them at a parking lot. You'll notice that the meeting place is no where near the posted address. You realize it's in a bad part of town and they are there waiting in a dark unlighted area that cannot be seen from the road. But you see they have 30 - 5 star ratings so why should you worry? They are pleasent and are friendly, they hand you the item, maybe missing fuses or a wire harness so you can't test it right then and there. But again you ask them if it works, maybe fir the 5th time since you sent the 1st message. They again tell you yes, perfectly! So because if that 5 star rating you decide to trust them.

You get home and under better light you can see it's pretty rough and when you test it it's dead. You then notice that the item was never marked sold but rather unlisted, that's odd, so you try to message them and find you've been blocked! You don't know where they live and you can't get ahold of them, you have nowhere to report them since they marked it unlisted and not sold. You have no proof you even met up with them to buy it.

They can repeat this as many times as they desire since non if it is recorded anywhere.

So the rating system means nothing and should not even be regarded as anything but misleading. You'll have to judge by the facts, unwilling to allow you to come to their home, meeting far from the posted address, unable to see it working at time of purchase are red flags no matter what offer up suggests.

When this happened to me I thought about each red flag as I entered the sale, I dismissed them all due to the 5 star selling status and was burned, luckily for me I do repair these items and had it fixed within an hour after I returned home and will triple my money on the resale of the item. Others would not be so fortunate and be out the $30 with a possible resale value of around $10 to $15.
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Sounds simple but as I've found out simplifying and streamlining offer up is not their strong points. That's something a seller will have to do after pictures are taken in a Photoshop program and takes way too much time to bother doing for most sellers just posting a decent picture is a challenge since the app provides no editing of pictures at all.
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How about now how your messages are not under your control at all? Automatically deleting messages you are waiting to hear back on or from a friend you want to keep in touch with.
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Don't meet up ever, that solved it for me.
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Wait till you lose your items to crooked eBay buyers who like and say your item doesn't work and your stuck paying shipping both ways just to get an empty box back! Happened to me so many times I quit ebay and would never ship another item as long as I live.
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I don't mind the business advertising posts but I have found that many times the prices posted in that ad are not the actual selling prices! 1 more thing about businesses posting here, if you own a local store you should not be posting your items here for free!!! They should be posted as an advertisement like every other store or website does!! Remove all the pawn shop ads and stores that sell tools and furniture and charge them a fair fee offer up! Start thinking how you can make money without gouging your little sellers with high cost promotions! A bump is worth 50¢ in my eyes, not $2!

Also set up some type of points system for people who help report duplicates and stock photo listers, make each qualified report be worth a 10th of a promotion. Also start cleaning up 3 year old posts and no responsive sellers, when reported nothing is done on any of the prohibited posts when I report them.
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Of course letgo has that because you'll never make a sale there, they can have everything you want since you'll never get to know if they even work!