What are new cool features you want to be added to OfferUp?

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A page for homemade items
A better filtering system. Like having the options to filter cars by color, item is still available, etc.
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@Kimpearson Definitely hear this idea a lot! I think that would be a great addition. 

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A 1 click button that posts you address into a message instead of typing it over and over plus it will remove the chances or any mistyped or changed information due to your phones autocirrect, or a personalized phrase that you can store and 1 click it into the messages area, like yes it still available, I'll be home all day. Or for when my messages come through 4 hours late, sorry for the delay but I just saw your message!
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How about coming up with a different alert sound for random messages from Offerup?  Everytime I hear the Offerup cash register ding, I get excited because I think I'm about to make some money, only to see some random marketing message posted by Offerup. 


Or is there a way for me to change this notification alert?

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That '1 click address' assumes you're always at home.

I'd avise you keep it on a clipboard — or clipboard app if you're phone doesn't have it already.


Same. But no, as far as I'm aware there's no way around it currently. OfferUp would need to add it to an update for it to be possible.


That would be interesting. Although since it's more niche, the market would be limited and people would not search for it specifically. Maybe someone can create an app specific for that. *Nudge *Nudge
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I still think that if you block someone all of their items should also be blocked from your sight, this would be a huge help while browsing the listings. I could just block 4 or 5 sellers that are serious duplicate posters as well as prohibited items, but not only that their stuff is way overpriced and they sell nothing I would ever consider buying. If blocking them did remove thritr stuff from my view it would clear out about 2500 listings that I would be much better not seeing or clogging up the sales area!
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This may never have been even considered when the app was developed, I'm sure much was based on eBay and amazon where these types of problems were nonexistent and here they are some of the main problems.

I also have tried to buy here and I see what a challenge it is, one would think that this shouldn't be an issue since sellers post items to sell you would think that they would be quick to reply and make sure they take advantage of all possible chances to make a sale. But this is not the case here, about 1 out of 10 inquiries sent has a reply, (strangely that's about the same as the number of messages I get from buyers that never reply back or show up) but usually that reply is more of a "I dunno" when you ask simple information that should have been included in the description to begin with. This is a huge problem with cell phones when they all look the same and can vary in value from 1 penny up to $1300 and the listing will just say " phone need to sell asap"?

Now we all know that a phone with 4gb internal memory is useless and only good for making calls, so any phones listed without this info will require buyers to ask the lazy sellers who still won't even tell you! Plus I see at least half if the phones listed are priced higher than a brand new one! Prices change daily, any phones posted over a month ago will never sell unless the buyers are attending to the posts. I found none (20 out of 20 messages I sent had no reply or the listing was removed the next day) were available and no information was supplied. Requiring a more detailed listing on things like phones or any electronics with a minimum of a model number posted with every item.

But the real problem is with so many bad sellers the app is getting as very poor first impression from buyers and this affects my possible sales since buyers have sdo many hurdles and hoops to jump through just to have a chance of maybe getting a good deal, but at what price, so much wasted time and effort spent with nothing to show for it.the likelihood of those buyers returning is slim to none.

So removing old listings that buyers are no longer even attending to and closing those accounts would be a great way to get the app more buyer friendly, this also will increase real sellers sa!es and restore buyers faith in the apps ability to provide sales as it is intended to do. It really just turning into a huge waste of time for everyone using it. These issues need to be attended to right away before more buyers loose interest since they know they can simply go to eBay and spend 10 minutes find an item and pay for it, then it comes in the mail with a guarantee to be as described! We need to be able to make a sale much easier for buyers, get rid of the bad sellers first! Clean up the sales area, get rid if all the abusive duplicated posts, prohibited and poorly described posts, remove those sellers, and the sellers who never reply, if there's enough buyers reporting sellers who never return messages, then those sellers need to be removed as well and all their items needed to get out if the way in the selling area! Buyers need to have an easier way to report non responsive sellers with a link eight on the message pages that says no reply? Have it appear after a week passes without any response.
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Good morning @zinda,    

You used so many words that my thoughts are a bit muddled to the cool feature that you wanna see. So, I want to be clear with what cool feature you would like to see because, I think we are on the same page and we wanna see the same cool feature.

Are you saying that you would like to see a feature that will remove old listings that buyers (Did you mean sellers?) are no longer attending and you would like to see those accounts closed? This feature will help clear up clutter on the offerup app.

Is this the feature that you would like to see? I certainly would.


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Funny thing. After all the posts for either free or cheaper bumps, I just noticed that 3 day, 7 day and 14 day bumps for way MORE. $$ has been activated. HUH?????