What are new cool features you want to be added to OfferUp?

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Hey guys lets contribute some cool new features or options you like to be part of offerup..
Post your ideas here and I know admins will get the feedback positively and will try to provide feasible features in future releases..

My idea is to introduce reviews and ratings for each user even if you have not met .
Currently you can give rating only after you meet or complete transaction basically when you mark it sold.
What happens many users play and harras during chat and some dont showup as agreed. I know you can report that user to offerup but that does not help any other users..
By reviews and ratings for any user you chat with, one can clearly mention if user talked inappropriately or abused or was polite or slow responses.. Also by posting review alongwith rating others can understand why user got 3 or 4 stars instead of 5. Currently rating system is very vague and not clear.

Please provide your views and thoughts.
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Thanks for creating this post. My hope is to read all about what you all would love to see on the app, and then take that feedback to the team Smiley Happy


Excited for this thread! 

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I agree. I honestly stopped posting on OfferUp because too many people say they want to buy an item, you set time aside from your already busy schedule, and once again, "no call/no show". After multiple times of the same thing happening, I gave up on trying to sell anything using OfferUp. Most items were taken somewhere & donated. It simply wasn't worth my time or the frustration. On the flip side, I have had a couple of pleasant experiences selling items using this site/app. Unfortunately the negative experiences outweighed the positive.....
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I would like to be able to completely delete items from my account. Items that either I sold, or simply need to remove, for one reason, or another. I thought in the past I was able to do this, but for whatever reason, I'm not seeing that option any longer. Perhaps I'm wrong???
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AKhere, I agree especially with being allowed to write a review of the buyer/seller to go along with their rating. And the ratings are vague.....how do u even see who gave you rating? I can't seem to find out the user behind each rating. I could be missing some good ratings if I just knew who to follow up with??
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@Beck21 Hi! Make sure you check a buyer's profile - check to make sure they have a TruYou account, good ratings, and keep the conversation going with them in our in-app messaging system. Sometimes a simple, "Hi, are you still interested? If I don't hear from you by ____ time I'll have to move on with another buyer. Thank you!" is all you need to get the message out there and to let you feel comfortable moving on with other serious buyers. I hope this helps some! 

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I would love it if there was a filter for bundling duplicate adds. People post so many adds that they take up the whole catagory. It makes it very annoying to shop for things. I don't even think they should be allowed to do that at all. Also for sellers, it would be great if they put important info in the title so you don't have to waiste time clicking on every post, such as shoe size or how many gallons a water heater is. Thanks for reading my ideas.

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Thank you for the ideas! Smiley Happy

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I think video feedback would be really cool as an option if you really want to express your experience more clear... from outstanding to horrible, I think a video would paint a better picture of the individual.

I think conduct points should be earned for your behavior during interactions with one another based on feedback and a monthly prize given away to promote decency and respect. A simple prize like a $25 iTunes card or something similar.

I also think all negative feedback without merit should be punished with account bans at various lengths of time.
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I agree they definitely need something better