What are your thoughts on using Offer up to sell custom made products as a business or side project?

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Custom, does this include people placing an order for said item?

There have been at least two cases where the issue was users eventually ignored the seller / didn't commit.

Made to order items in particular are not allowed, so I assume you mean like some sort of Etsy self expression type items.

My thoughts? Well it's great.

I've seen some cool stuff being posted sometimes.

I appreciate them from a distance I never make offers.

I'm not really familiar with what that market is like to be honest — don't know how profitable it would be.
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What did you have in mind...
Actually, one of my very first purchases via OfferUp was some ooak, handmade glass ornaments that turned out beautiful!
The seller made approximately 25 ooak items for me this past Christmas... with no communication issues whatsoever. Also, made a new Friend in the process 👍😊 Success to you!
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When saleing a car how do you stop someone who is also saleing a car from reporting you on false sta

I’m curious about whether or not this is a good site to sell my woodworking products. I feel like most posts are used items. I’ve never used any social media to promote anything so I thought I’d start here. Most of my sales are word of mouth but looking to grow a little.
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Hi @Delbertcharger anyplace you can display your woodworking projects for free is a good place,,,,,,,,,,,it all depends on the area you are in if they sell or not,,,,,,,,and what your wood projects,, are,,,,,,,,,and what kind of prices your expecting,,,and how good you are at it.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,im curious , what kind of wood working projects do you do?,,,,,,,,,also offerup is actualy a great place to get some great deals on woodworking tools of all kinds.,,,,,,,,my bad,,,,,,,you said products,,,,,,,what kind of products,,,,,,,,and hopefully if you sell wood working products,,,,,,,,,,,,,you also use them ?,,,,,,,,with shipping wood working products may do well.