What category would you put your fine arts? Arts & crafts or something else

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        So I was wondering where you put your fine art. I was putting mine in the Arts&crafts but looking at the arts & crafts there is not that much fineart in that section. In fact the image for fine arts is a basket of yarn. plus my cheapest work is 175$ and just don't know if someone would start looking for fineart in the arts & crafts category. Some alternative one's I was thinking of Household, general, Furniture,Collectibles(although technically its not because its unknown.So probably not this one.) 


Although it sort of depends on how the majority of people search. Do they type something into the search bar or do they pick one of the categories. Not sure if that is known.    

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A suggestion perhaps have a Fineart category but perhaps there is not the need for it but then again if you build it they will come.


Another question I notice that its forbidden to offer custom work/(Services for made-to-order items ) would it then be against the rules for me to simply mention in my description that I can do portraits just ask or something along those lines. More a wink or nod then offering services.


Any way thanks in advance.

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Hi @followthedon,, i agree they could use some more categorys but until then , i have found that i get more views if i try to put something in as many categorys as i can. At least some people look at your item ,then click your profile and look at what else your selling. Also at least some of us just see something we like and impulse buy, maybe having nothing to do with what we are looking  for,,,,if we were really looking for anything in particular to begin with. And another thing that i have found gets me more views,,,,is as the items go down the list, adding items each  day helps all of my items get more views. More views  lead to more sales. Hope this helps.

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@followthedon...I know a few people that have done rather well on Etsy with oil paintings, the site has specific categories for original artwork. 

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Wait 0317 are you saying you can put a item in more then one catagory or are you saying you put your art items in multiple catagories but only one catagory per item? From what I saw it was one catagory per item but may be wrong.  About what you say about inpluse buy I am glade that everthing shows up at the top of the page starting out as it pushes the impluse buyers. Any way thanks for the help.

Kitkat1565 : Yes I agree it would be nice if there was a fine art catagory or perhaps just a Art catagory or something. 


Lapua: I do have a etsy account but I try to put my my work in as many locations and demographics as I can. I am knew to offerup, I have been doing cregslist for a long time but now they charge for services. (But I also post there as well as many other locations). I figure this site is nice as it has a local touch and all.

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@followthedon....You can post as many distinct artworks as you desire, as long as they are not duplicates. If you want the exposure in the 1st page feed, just upload a different one every hour and check your results (number of views).  Caveat...just don't upload too many, as some users may perceive it as spamming.

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I would put it in the Arts and craft category
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Please be aware that putting the same item in multiple categories is actually against the rules.

I would put paintings in furniture category for the exposure. I just think that if someone is browsing for furniture they might come across your original artwork and if they like it they’re already in the mood to decorate their house anyway. Either that or general. As to offering to do custom artwork, I wouldn’t be too afraid of offering that. Technically it’s against the rules but as long as you’re legit and safe in my experience it’s not something OfferUp will penalize you for doing, there are lots of people offering different kinds of services on here and even ideas beings considered by the dev to include a service section. So goodluck to you.
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Thank you lapua. I would not be posting that often right now doing about one or so post a day but could start posting 2 times(Although would run out of artwork at some point.)


Jh2:Thank you for the suggestion.



I just figured from what I heard above there may be some way of putting something in multiple categories when it is posted but sounds like only 1 per item. That is a good point someone looking for  furniture may be looking for art. Thanks for your advice involving services. Any idea why they don't allow services. I understand they perhaps would not want someone advertising dogwalking and house cleaning but when its services about a sell able good like a real object you would think it would be OK. Only thing I could think of is possible bad conduct from the buyer. Perhaps for example someone wants a portrait. You do the portrait and then they decide after the fact they don't want it. But again that's the risk of being a artist and doing custom work.



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Hello @followthedon

It has been two weeks. How is your business going?  

Which category works best for your paintings?


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