What if we could post one video or send one

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It would be a definite PLUS, and would not mind paying a small fee, to improve sales

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Good idea but only to that person who is serious about looking at it..As soon as your done with conversation it should be automatically deleated so that people cant screen shot it either or cut anything up and u are covered personally....Excellent idea
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I actually thought of that too. I knew if and when that comes about it might be offered to a “top tier seller” and sold at a membership price. I believe offer up may use that as a source of income. For $10 a month you get to add video.
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Wow! That sounds great. I would love to post a video of my classroom showing the sewing machines.
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@cyclomatic... thanks!
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@Learn2sew just wanted to thank you for your comment, also thank everyone else that showed their interest in my post, 🙏
this is what the OfferUp Community forum is all about, sharing ideas and starting conversations and maybe even getting new features for members in the app, just a heads up when starting new topics, we all should keep in mind to do a quick search, so there’s not multiples of the same topics. Thanks again everyone.
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@Hotrod hope i did this right so you see it
I love this Idea! hope it happens soon I was reading somewhere about letgo having videos? BTW one of your post have really helped me lately with one issue with my phone. I was thinking of trying to start my own topic here soon but just can’t think of anything really good yet. But I will try and come up with something sooner or later Thank you. Smiley Happy
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@RBMCM Welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,

RBMCM yes I did thanks for your kind words glad you found my posts helpful. there’s great members in these forums that can help you out as well. That being said, I did hear letgo is doing videos lately. If you decide to start new threads just be sure to do quick searches on topics you’re thinking of starting making sure there’s not similar topic. 😎
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@Hot Rod. This is a great suggestion and I am all for it. Videos , I think are better than pics because it can show the true condition of the product. It can also be an instruction of how to use the product properly. I have big products that I like to sell and I think that sending a video on the product will help the buyer feel more confident about the product they are plan to buy. I hope Offer up considers this suggestion. Thanks.