What if we could post one video or send one

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What do you think if we had the option of posting a short video of the item we are selling, as well as pictures, or even sending more pictures or a short video too your buyer from your conversations in notifications page? what does everyone think?, please offer your option or ideas, just maybe OfferUp will run with the ideas we all offer too make OfferUp even better of an experience, you never know unless you put it out there, It would need to automatically delete any inappropriate video or pictures.
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Thanks for starting this @Hotrod. Creative idea! 


"just maybe OfferUp will run with the ideas we all offer too make OfferUp even better of an experience" - Mhmm!!

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Any improvements  made will be a blessing

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Definitely needed. I sell new pocket bikes and some people dont believe it from all the scammers, this would help show the bikes start and run in the video...offerup needs this 👍
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Definitely I just said that to my friend meech ( see what your getting b4 u purchase) 😀
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I think this ores a great idea, as it would give the buyer more clarity and help seller sell their items faster!
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Spell check oops!! Great idea helps everyone
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Yes please! Especially since our post are limited to 5 pictures 😉
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There's a similar post about this.

I posted my reply there.

Don't want to quote the whole thing.

Unsure if mods have the ability to merge similar posts.
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I've been saying this since I started using the app awhile ago. We should be allowed and able to make a sort of "demo" video of the products we are selling. If we are able to post photos how much better it would be to see an actual video. I feel it would give more reassurance to both buyer s and sellers to provide a bit of proof of how the products work/function. This is just IMHO (in my humble opinion).