What if we could post one video or send one

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I also agree
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@Eli15--Welcome, continue to share your thoughts and feedback throughout the forums!! Thank you!!
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Yes that's a great idea I have a dancing Elmo collectors item that dances and sings and I'd like to show it works and what it says bcuz it's nice to see and know something works correctly before deciding to purchase. Also offer up is pretty good at deleting post (pictures) that aren't to be sold I think they would do well with deleting inappropriate videos.
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I think this is a good idea. It would allows more angles to be capture with less photo slots being taken up. Have that would definitely make the experience on this app a better one!
Granted there will be the ones that have Ill-intent, but for legitimate sellers it’s an easier way to get results!
I agree @Baybejos
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I agree also