What if we could post one video or send one

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I also agree
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@Eli15--Welcome, continue to share your thoughts and feedback throughout the forums!! Thank you!!
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Yes that's a great idea I have a dancing Elmo collectors item that dances and sings and I'd like to show it works and what it says bcuz it's nice to see and know something works correctly before deciding to purchase. Also offer up is pretty good at deleting post (pictures) that aren't to be sold I think they would do well with deleting inappropriate videos.
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I think this is a good idea. It would allows more angles to be capture with less photo slots being taken up. Have that would definitely make the experience on this app a better one!
Granted there will be the ones that have Ill-intent, but for legitimate sellers it’s an easier way to get results!
I agree @Baybejos
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I agree also
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I think that would definitely help things. Or even just the ability to send more pics thru the messages. I cant tell you how many times ive had to contact ppl thru messenger or text to give them what they were asking for. It's annoying. But before offerup goes putting any time into anything else they need to figure out how to pay people. It's ridiculous when you have to wait weeks to get paid and no one even cares to respond. I almost dont want to sell on here anymore and I have thousands of items and have been on offerup for years. It keeps getting worse imo
@AmandaTCB Hello if you've been shipping for awhile with no claims you should be getting paid faster. I can't remember how many shipped items it was before the faster payout but my payments are fairly fast now. I've been on here for 3 years, 500+ sales and over 60+ shipped.
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@BrightMoonstone I've been shipping since the beginning. 800+ sales not sure how many shipped but not as much as you. I've had this issue 3 times now.. it's been weeks and I have not recieved payment. Its $100 this time. She has had the rings, is happy with them.... no money. No response to my emails, my tweets... I managed to get someone to respond to me on Facebook when I blasted them in a comment on their page to which they responded to PM them.. which I had already done multiple times. And then no response after that and still havent heard anything back I'm **bleep** and about to go to the BBB and stop selling here. I know that its not the payment system as I have had a few sales that went smoothly and I was paid the 2 days after the item was received. They need to get their **bleep** together. I live in Washington so if I don't hear back by next week I'm going to their offices