What if we could post one video or send one

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I hope I get my money in less than a week. If not. I’m going to reach out to BBB as well and see what can do done moving forward while mentioning I’m not the only one having this problem
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When will I get paid
@AmandaTCB sorry to hear that I'm not having any problems and haven't had any problems other than one time last May. All my payments are in my account in 3-5 days. Anyway that's off topic and against the community rules. I would LOVE a short video! Selling minerals its nice to have a short video of where the light hits the rainbows. 🌈
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I honestly feel especially if your paying a monthly fee, we should have the option of video or just a pic. It is better to sell if you can do live or a video.
Facebook Live is actually pretty cool you can sell your items via live. If OFFER up doesn't get in the program than they may loose clients.
Offer up is charging other amounts after you even pay a monthly fee. I don't understand.. oh well. Nothing free ever last forever