What is your favorite thing about OfferUp

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What is your favorite thing about OfferUp?
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@Phil_Webber--Hello!! My favorite thing about OfferUp is taking items new or not used & helping someone else. Also, within the community forums, the positive interactions that take place!! Great topic!!
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Don't think I can narrow it down to one, so here goes;

1) Nice looking, easy to navigate UI
2) Great alternative to other apps;
More items, cheaper stuff, more follow through in my experience.
3) As mentioned, great community.

That said, there are some things that do need work.
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Yet another great topic, @Phil_Webber!

My favorite part would be meeting some great people Heart

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@goblin, @Hi-there!
Personally... started out loving OU for the simple fact of being able to help & meet some interesting people within my local community!
Now... the friends I've met within the OU Community are definitely a bonus!
How about you @Phil_Webber?