What time do you usually use OfferUp?

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Hi everyone! I'm super curious to know when everyone uses OfferUp Smiley Happy


I typically do most of my browsing at night before I go to bed, and in the mornings when I wake up. I almost never check during the day, as I'm usually posting on here instead! Smiley Happy I have a feeling that some of you may share my night-time browsing habits.


Let us know when you're most active!

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All day, every day, whenever I can. BusyBusyBusy! The forums at night when I get a chance Smiley Very Happy

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On my break time from the rest of the world.
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Night owl here
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Welcome to the community, @Dalibradiva! You certainly ARE a night owl it seems, just based off the time you posted this Smiley LOL

Do you buy or sell more?

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haha, I take it you're a morning person, @BruceJustRight!


Who else is an early browser? Smiley Happy

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Morning, evening, and nighttime! I’m sooo sad to see great deals taken. But glad to be the first for the new ones Smiley Happy
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@Conor Definitely! I hear ya Smiley Happy

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When I'm looking for something I use offer up almost every day every hour when i am free but when I'm just look looking around I do it when I wake up to see what's new and before going to sleep
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