What time do you usually use OfferUp?

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Anytime after about 6-7PM to 2AM.
Hi , @Mj_206, I'm on here at various times. But whatever we do, it Should be somewhat Universal based on Time Zones or something as far as Expected "Store Hours"?

I get some People that are either Night Owls, Can't Sleep, Opposite Work Day/Night Hrs, or they're just Really Bored. I Normally go to Sleep like 10 or 11pm to get up for Work @5am so when I get an Offer at 2am, I Don't Always Reply, Sorry. But, that makes my "Responds in" Time go from like within Minutes to now it's within 1Hr.

I should NOT get a Lower Mark on my History just cuz of 1 or All the reasons I aforementioned. Maybe I think it would be Great if we could like set our Own OfferUp Store "Work Hours" of Operations? That way the other People Don't think we're Ignoring them & it doesn't go Against or give us Negative Reply Times...

I'd Also Love to see Options to Set Alerts for stuff we're keeping our eye out for. That would Save Time & Help me I know.

Especially Nowadays where Unfortunately we have Live News 24/7 & the Twitter Mob & other Social Media People Expect INSTANT GRATIFICATION & Response from Everyone, even though there's Still a Lot of us that Actually Work Regular Jobs. Sometimes it just seems like Some People Don't understand that anymore. I Don't know, Maybe it's just me!? Thnx
I do it in the mornings and when I get home from work
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In the evening and at night.
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I'm also curious about when people usually schedule meetups? Is it mostly during lunchtime, after work, weekends, something else?


I'm super curious about this one! 

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In the evening
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Hi @Fbinda welcome to the forums,,,,,,,,,,,,i must have misunderstood your previous post in another thread,,,,,,,i thought you were having problems starting to use the app?,asking if you had to give your drivers license to start using it?,,,,,,,,have you already been using the app and then started having a problem?

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ive only been using the app a few months , about 30 sales,,,,,,,but i find it best to meet up as soon as possible after the buyer agrees on a price with you,,,,,,like tell them a meetup place and once thats ok ,,,,,,,,,how soon can you get there,,,,,,,,within minutes,,,,,,,if thats not gonna work all my agreed meetups are tenative,,,,,,like if they want to meet tomarrow,,,,,,or later in the day after work,,,,,,i tell them that we can message each other closer to that time because im unsure if i will be available at that time,,,,,,that helps to keep communication going,,,,less chance of them changing thier mind,,,,,,,if the meeting is to be the next day,,,,,,,i will message them in t he morning ,,,,,,im not saying to be pushy,,,,but its good to just keep the meeting on their mind,,,,,,,,and i wont just schedual a meeting a day in advance,,,,,,,,good chance i would get busy and forget ,,,,,,,,i dont want to be a no show and i dont want to ever have a no show,,,,,,,,once a buyer says they are gonna buy,,,,,i put the item in my car , so i am ready where ever i might be when they message me and say they are ready to meet,,,,sometimes the place changes acording to where i might be.,,,,,The only problem ive had with this system so far is that one night i was at a dinner party when the person finally messaged me and said they were at the meetup spot,,lol,,,,i told the host and hostess that i had to go that i would be back in a few minutes and said,,,,,keep an eye on my dog please........evidently it was the topic of conversation while i was gone,,,,,,when i returned , the hostess asked me about the transaction and said,,,,,,well i think i would have drove over there for twenty bucks also.,,,,,Ive only had a few transaction where meetup time and place was so unsure , tourists from out of town, most of mine happen pretty smoothly. Ones that want to meet more than 24 time away , it would be my bad if i was to schedual a meeting and just go to it,most of those dont follow through. Seems to me that the majority of my customers want to meet NOW, which is not always possible,,,,but my work is more flexible than most and i can usauly take the time to go meet if i want to,,,,,,,,,some of my friends at work just have people come to work,,,and meet then in front of the business,,,,so far the boss has never said anything about it,,,,,lol,,,,,he kinda became an offerup addict,,sending employees to make purchase for him,,,,,now i think hes even selling stuff on offerup also.

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Hey @0317, let's keep conversations in the appropriate threads Smiley Happy If they posted that elsewhere, make sure to keep the conversation there. Easier for everyone to follow! 

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I did indeed post in the appropriate thread @Elin  i was responding to his response to your question ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,when do you "usualy " meetup,,,,,,,,,,,,i was questioning how he has ,,,,,usual meetup times if he has not used the app yet,,,,,,,,,,he was the one i was responding to ,,,,,and he understood what i was asking,,,,,,,this is the third time you have harrassed me here in the forum since i came back elin,,,,,,,,i would appreciate it if you would leave me alone,,,,,,,,,,,i said nothing wrong,,,,,,,,,,i was trying to understand a new memember here in the forums , to see if i could possibly help him with the problem he is having,,,,,,,,,i was in the process of trying to figure out how to respond to his other post when he posted here making me think that maybe i did not undersand his first post,,,,,,for you to harrrass me about being in the appropriate thread is assinine,,,,,,,,,,the topic here is Offerup