What time do you usually use OfferUp?

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@0317 I was responding to this thread of yours. It's nothing to be upset about, we're just trying to keep things organized. 


"Hi @Fbinda welcome to the forums,,,,,,,,,,,,i must have misunderstood your previous post in another thread,,,,,,,i thought you were having problems starting to use the app?,asking if you had to give your drivers license to start using it?,,,,,,,,have you already been using the app and then started having a problem?"

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---Time usually on OfferUp... ?

Depends if it's time on the OfferUp App...or time on the OfferUp Community Forum...

Asking my Family they would probably say...

"The only time Mom is "not"on OfferUp, is when her cell is charging... "😄 (they exaggerate!)

Gotta 💜 Em'
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"The only time Mom is "not"on OfferUp, is when her cell is charging... "😄 (they exaggerate!)

Smiley LOL Smiley LOL Smiley LOL 

If the phone is alive, you better be browsing Smiley Tongue lol

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Hello everyone!! New here. I am impressed so far and very excited to be a part of Offer Up. I normally take a peak on here In the late Mornings then again in the evenings. Loving it!
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Hi @Shorty_1970 welcome to the forum,,,,,,,,,,love to hear your input on the many topics in here

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Welcome to the community, @Shorty_1970Smiley Happy

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I haven't gotten any replies from any support mangers about the money posting to my account. Has anyone else experience this? I shopped it over week ago and the buyer has had time to go over it and decide rather or not he wanted it. It's been past 3 day inspection and waiting on money to deposit into my account. Set it up with my banking info and they took the money out of buyers account already so why is it taking so long?
I post in the morning and check my offers all day I usually repost in the afternoon for the most part I prefer morning I get on the forums to chat and learn . I love it
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Hi @SomSom79 welcome to the forum,,,,,,,,,,the buyer gets three days,,,,,then it takes up to five days for the money to be deposited into your acount,,,,,,,then if there are weekends,,,,,,,,you have to ad those days ,,,,,,,then once its been sent to your account it can take another day or two,,,,,,,,,,,that all adds up to as much as 14 days from the day the buyer recieves the item.

I'm home all the time so if they pick up from me I do after lunch or after breakfast at night I prefer before the sun goes down