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Hey everyone!


It seems that there is still confusion on the proper steps to take if you've had an issue with an individual buyer/seller, item or our Payments/Shipping feature. I'm here to clear up any confusion, and to set expectations on how these forums can be helpful.


I'd like to highlight part of my blog Why We Built These Forums, From Us to You!


"When should I post on the forums? 
Just about anytime! Smiley Happy There are a few exceptions to that rule of course, but not many. These forums are designed in a way where they can be a tool for you - our most passionate community members - to network, connect with other OfferUp users, and maybe even make a friend. Bounce your ideas off fellow community members, get creative and collaborative… there are so many successful OfferUp users that post on here so take advantage of their knowledge. We all want to be successful buyers and sellers, after all!


When should I avoid posting on these forums?

While we love seeing new members, posts, and threads, we do ask that all conversations related to the same topic stay within one thread. This keeps the conversation going, with all the feedback in one centralized place that we can easily reference. If there is already a thread on the topic you want to discuss, instead of creating a new thread just respond to the existing one. You should also avoid posting any personal information - not your own, not as a joke, and you should definitely never post another community members info under any circumstances. Not even a link to their profile.


Did you have a bad experience with another community member through the app?

We're here for you Smiley Happy You'll first want to report any community member that doesn't follow our Posting RulesCommunity Guidelines, or Prohibited Items Guideline. Once the report has been initiated, the Customer Care team will be able to assist you with any next steps. If you have a shipping or payments issue, the steps are the same. Please report it to our teams so we can investigate. I used to be on the Customer Care team and let me tell you - they are a great group of people who are incredibly passionate about helping you. You can submit a report here."


Not sure how to use our Help Center? Check out our blog here


Basically - these forums are a fantastic place to get tips or tricks. However, they are not a place to go to receive support. If you have submitted a ticket to our Customer Care team, please be sure to only submit one request per inquiry. Our Customer Care team works through requests in the order in which they were received, so opening several tickets on the same issue will just cause delays. 


Please let me know if there are any questions!

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Mj_206 Great thread!
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Bumping this tread as a reminder!!

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Bumping again.


Please note that messaging me directly is not the way to receive support. I'm not on the Customer Care team, I haven't been trained on their policies in years, and I'm not able to assist with any account related issues or concerns. 


I currently receive about 50 to 100 unique Private Messages per day asking for Customer Support. There are 500,000 registered community members on these forums, with that number increasing daily. The volume of PMs I receive increases at the same rate as registered users increases. I wish that I had the time to respond to all PMs, but with all of the work done behind the scenes, it just is not humanly possible.


The right way to reach out to Customer Support is by using this link - not by messaging me. 


Thank you for understanding.