What would you like to see added to OfferUp app?

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Exactly... at least being able to archive items into categories for better inventory control, would be beneficial.

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That’s a lot of stuff to Archive. It has to use a lot of space. Space cost money. I don’t know how OfferUp does it. When I have to much stuff on my hard drive, I delete it. 


OU is monetizing user metadata (what you buy,sell,search, and where/when you use the app). So, it's to their best interest to maintain all user data.


On the grand scheme of things, Amazon AWS is very affordable and more cost effective than buying/maintaning their own servers/storage costs, as most large companies save at least 50% over a 3yr span. OU does not care about the storage space/amount of data (ie...your images) that is stored on Amazon's servers...even Netflix uses AWS.

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That’s true. Our data is money. 

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@factsdontcare   So what do you think they need to add to the app to make it better?

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Life goes on. LOL!

What’s with this bull**bleep** **bleep** sells tax
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Don’t know but you can contact support at 

https://offerup.com/support/new/. Now let’s get back on topic. What would you like to see added to OfferUp app?

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@Mj_206 Posted this yesterday to a similar question

You are correct about the sales tax requirement being new. Recent changes in sales tax laws in some states require OfferUp (and other online marketplaces) to collect and remit sales tax on certain sales.

For shipped items

We determine the sales tax rate based on the ship-to address of the buyer. If your ship-to address is in one of the states below, we will collect and remit sales tax on your shipped purchase.

For items picked up in person

The sales tax for an in-person transaction is based on the location where the item was posted. You should note that OfferUp does not collect taxes on sales that are paid in cash or through an off-platform payment service, so if sales or use taxes are due on such sales, you will need to manage that yourself.

This is just a brief summary of the changes, but we do have a Help Center article that goes over this in more detail.

I hope this helps - let me know if you have any questions!
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I would like customer service to be added and a section of the forum devoted to customer service resolutions. Currently the forum is almost an afterthought with only one admin. Although we all know MJ does her best as one person, customer service is definitely not her actual full-time job at offerup.
This is offerups #1 flaw and will eventually be its demise.

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You know @RevivalGypsy  . Customer service is one of the must haves for a company to succeed and grow. I would say that should be like number 1 in the wants.