When people get mad for you not accepting their first trade proposal.(no matter how terrible it was)

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I’m selling an iPhone XS that I had been given by someone I lent $950 to a year ago!! Believe me when I say that I didn’t want to accept the item of questionable origins however it was the only attempt in over a year this guy (supposedly a friend of mine whom after lending him the money basically stopped contact with me until a chance encounter at a mutual friends get together) made to settle this debt. That being said, I reluctantly accepted his offer.
So here I am with a $1,000 IPhone XS in immaculate condition that I posted for $500 due to the nature of its origin which I clearly state in the description... if you can imaging I got TONS of inquiries, albeit most of them scammers, the interaction with another large majority of the inquisitors went something like this...

*it starts with one of many terrible offers I received after someone had just seen my post*
Dude: Trade for iPhone 7 carrier unlocked? Has cracks but works fully, no cloud ready to use

Me: iPhone 7+$100

Dude: Nah the phone has a pin, I’d have to pay more than that to fix it, need it for parts, works fully no problems

Me: No you wouldn’t but that’s fine I think I will just pay the 50 to get I’m unlocked myself

Dude: Then why post it on here with that problem if that’s your solution 😂 what you think that’ll make me feel bad that I didn’t do the deal😂 yes or no was all I needed not your lame **bleep** attempt to make me feel bad 😂

Me: Dude wtf is your problem?
Why the hell would I try and make you feel bad? I don’t even know you.
You contacted me with a trade proposal (a lowball type of offer that’s borderline offensive, I didn’t get mad tho because I understand this is OfferUp and besides it’s just a simple question no need to get mad right?) Well since I didn’t like the terms but still fancied the idea of getting rid of the phone cuz I don’t wanna deal with it, I decided to respond with a slight modification to your trade proposal that still leaned heavily in your favor.

All you had to do was accept, decline or respond with another trade modification that you felt more comfortable with making and so on and so forth.

You didn’t need to give me some bull**bleep** lie about how it’s going to cost more than 100 to get past the pin... bla bla boo hoo and even tho you responded to my offer with the rudeness of a spoiled teenage only child. I merely stated that it doesn’t cost more than $100 to unlock the phone.

As to why I posted it on here... I didn’t want to deal with the whole finding someone to unlock the phone bull**bleep** so I posted it at a reasonable price. So please dude do not be so quick to point fingers because as our convo shows and I just pointed out, You are the one to bring our exchange out of the business setting and tried o make me feel bad lol
You make yourself come off as a childish douche.
Not trying to make you feel bad
Just a friendly FYI

Lol I think towards the end there I may have been a little condescending but the sheer volume of people like this dude is just astounding
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You have a way with words! haha - I totally hear you on this feedback. I don't accept trades, and usually list that in my description. It's always shocking to me how entitled people will get when trying to purchase an item!