When someone uses your item’s photos

Level 1
I’ve recently sold a used item and was surprised that another listing used the photos I took of it. The seller claimed that he/she bought it BRAND NEW and with tax.

Out of curiosity, I inquired if the photos were of the exact item being sold and he / she responded yes to all 3 photos! So the seller has either the wrong photo / description or lies on his/her response.

I don’t mind if the person who used my photos, but I wish there was a way to report sellers with inaccurate item description / photos. It just makes the whole selling/buying experience bad.

Has anyone had to deal with this or have suggestions?
Level 9
Someone has used my photos before.

I personally think it's wrong to do this.

Sent the guy the following;

"Could you please not use my images. We do business diffrently and I don't want a potential buyer to confuse me for you. Not to mention the items are most likely not the same at all in terms of condition so it's dishonest."

No reply, kept the ad up so I did report him.

You can report people for this by the way.

No idea if OfferUp got my message or cared though.