Why Does Bump Cost Money?

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I’m all for OfferUp making money, they provide a great platform that is free for anyone to get started, so it’s only fair they should be profitable too. The price point of bumps, the way I look at it is like comparing high end retail like Macy’s to discounters like Ross. Macy’s items are more expensive so they should make more money right? But no, it’s places like Ross that’s makes more money and that’s because people browse at Macy’s and shop at Ross.

Also I think there should be two different kinds of bumps, one is more like relisting so you pay a fee to relist instead of archiving and rewriting the listing. And then the second type would be bumping it to be featured like it is now and it stays on top for a certain period of time. Just my thoughts.
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It used to show when you bumped. Now, nothing. I have paid and seen Nothing! Like LetGo still does, it wouldn't let you rebump until your 24 hours was done. I'd like to know this is $1.99 spent well.

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@Mark4 interesting Twist on the bump situation. Thanks for sharing.
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what about paying for a bump only if your item sells? The other thing that OfferUp doesn't make clear to me is that if you bump your item it is seen by four times as many people but that doesn't tell me if the item stays up at the top and if so how long does it stay there or does the item go to the top just once or does it go to the top two or three or four times? this is something that is not clear to me.
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Here you go:


"what about paying for a bump only if your item sells?" ??
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Forget the bump get some of this 😉😉

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lolwut. Haha
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