Why can’t I view an item without it taking me back to the top

Level 1
I don’t know when it started but if I’m looking at anyone’s things when I got back it scrolls the page all the way to the beginning of their items. That’s ridiculous and makes it not user friendly
Community Helper
Yes I totally agree with you @Vulcanrider
It’s very frustrating to me also, when I’m reporting duplicate items abuse, or looking at a persons items they have available, OfferUp dose have it setup when you go back it hi lights the last item you looked at for a moment.
Hope they fix it soon 👍
Level 1
I’m sorry I mean to say when I back out of a specific item it scrolls me all the way back to the beginning of the members entire inventory. I.e. it says “when I got back to” the instead of “when I go back to” like it should. Hope that makes sense.