Why does everyone ask for more pics to be sent to an email when I just posted all pictures.

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Maybe one reason is...
They would like to see a certain part or a closer pic of the item? Ask them to specify what they are looking to verify. Never know, could help you in the future! Nice to see your pics are attracting buyers to your items. Continued success!
Edit: For sure within app only
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I'd recommend keeping all conversation within the app as well. It's never recommended to give out email addresses. You can always update your listing to include further photos.

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@Rggs711  I've been asked to send pics our communicate through email 3 times this last week alone! Tell them the same thing every time "I don't communicate outside the ap"! Good advice @Mj_206 ! I've herd to many horror stories from people giving personal info.

I have also got these perplexing requests. “Can your ‘uncle’ not see the pics I posted?” Maybe it’s a “middleman/ mark up” scam in that they now “own” your emailed pictures to repost on another site for more money? Just my idea.....It smells fishy.