Why does it say $ is deposited in account when my bank says doesn't see any pending transaction?

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I sold item on 07/14/18 - shipped on 07/16/18 & delivered on 07/18/18 [Today(july 18th)it says $ is deposited in my account but I don't see anything - I called my bank and they don't see anything either] What is going on? Please help thanks. I sold other items and I don't want same problem with them... I have a lot to sell... Please good business... get back to me.
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Welcome again, @pkon92.

It'll take some time. The buyer hasn't even had their 3 day option period yet!

Check this out, Shipping and read it thoroughly. You don't start calculating your payment days until the buyer has the item 3 complete days. The first time will always take a little longer as well. After that, it continues to speed up.

After your read all the shipping/payment info come back and let us know in about 7-10 days, how it's going.

@cyclomatic that doeant apply to this because we are now getting notifications when the deposit is in our bank accounts. Not when its being transferred but when it's actually in the account. I also got a notice today that says the deposit is now in my bank account and its not there!
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Same here, I don't understand why it takes so long to get your money even after the item you sold has been delivered for over a week, and I still don't have my money, I am thing about just telling everyone to pay me on paypal, as paying on offer up takes a ridiculously long time to get your money. Here's what I think is going on, offer up deposits huge amounts of money into an account and they have to keep it there for 30 days to make the interest off our money, when it should be in my banking account accruing 30 days interest. This is starting to make me upset. EBay holds your money until the item is delivered then releases the hold on pay pal, I just might start putting everything on eBay, then I won't have to wait a month to get my money. Offer up if you read it says it might take 4 or 5 business days to post. Bullcrap, with the electronic transfers it's almost immediate. Who are they trying to kid. The more I write this the madder I'm getting. Anyone else feel the same as I do? Ronald F. Ford I am not scared to let people know who wrote this, what or they going to do hold my money longer.
I would greatly appreciate if OU would stop notifing me that a deposit is showing in my account when its not. Its my fault for trusting this because every other time when I have got the notification that a deposit is in my account its been there BUT I trust that notification this time and went and took money out of my account only to find out I was changed a overdraft fee of 25.00 because that notification was not correct on day I recieved the notice. (Its there today) I would like to know how OU knows when money shows up as deposited in my account. This is what that notification says for those who don't get them. "Congratulations your money (amount) for (listing name) is now in your account"
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Its up to your bank when deposits are made available to you. If you have been in good standing as an account holder, most banks will remove a NSF fee.
@RevivalGypsy this is not the transfer notice I got the transfer notice days ago this is the funds are available notice..
That's why I'm saying OU needs to stop sending these funds available notices..
My bank shows me when the funds arrived and when the funds were posted.

I am having the same exact issue! It seems like OfferUp doesn't have their stuff in order. I wish I had known this sooner. I would have never made the deal. I am still waiting for my money as well! No way to contact support directly for a faster response. This is the last time I sell on here using shipping.