Why not to share your personal details.

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More advanced the technology gets, more opportunities for fraudsters to fraud and equal opportunities for those on the other side to fight these fraudsters.

I wish those who always intent to cheat never got access to sites where they could con people.
The way we can fight these fraudsters is stay informed and inform our near ones how they could see signs of fraud.
I recently had a shocking experience where in some buyer approached for an item that was on sale on well know selling sites .
We agreed on the price and then he shared his contact number . He asked me for location I would meet. All this while we were interacting through the website .
On the day of meet he sent a message asking me for my contact number .
I did give him my number . But immediately I received an passcode from google voice .
Next , this guy calls me and tells that for our safety he wants to verify if I am real person and has paid google to do background check . So he said I would receive a call from google voice and I need to enter the pin that I received in the text.
I suspected this guy was trying to trick me into something I did not answer the call from Google Voice . This annaoyed him and he started to call and said until I answer the call from google voice the sale wouldn't go through.
I was more worried about my safety by now than the sale as he started to yell and shout at me on the call.
I quickly got into my car and got out of the situtaion.
That evening, I read regarding the google voice scam where in they claim your number and then do fraudulent activities out there on open.

Even if the buyer or seller is verified never ever or what ever be the situation dont share your personal details .

I had buyers asking for more pics than I posted to be sent either through email or MMS.
I usually dont want to do any transaction with such kind of buyer .
Being aware is also our responsibility for being safe .
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"The way we can fight these fraudsters is stay informed and inform our near ones how they could see signs of fraud."


Avoid anyone who tries to do business outside of the app.

If you're a former desktop Craiglist user that's great, but nowadays everything can be done through a message relay on your phone.

What he was trying to do was gain access to your linked email + accounts and find more personal info that way, by reseting the passwords once you provided the Google Code
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I dont give my number out to anyone on these selling apps no matter what. I dont want to get spam calls for this reason. Once they have your number, they can get your email and then it's all over. 1 woman told me that I wasn't a real person because I wouldn't bend to her will and give her my number just so her MOM could see if I was real.