Will not let me add my phone number


Now Im getting code V0KR1J0...

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I would contact support if you haven't already. https://offerup.com/support/new/
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Same here
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Sounds like a job for...
He knows a lot of the error codes.
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Are you familiar with this error code: V0KR1J0
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I'm not sure about this one to be honest.

Have not come across it myself yet.

I would check and see if it'a possible to do it via pc, could be a workaround.
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Thanks for replying @goblin!
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When I was in the middle of a sale all of a sudden OfferUp asked me to verify my phone number out of nowhere. I have been trying for three **bleep** days. It makes me look very bad with the buyer who was on the way to buy a product from me back need it more Direction. After that I couldn't respond to her. She had a child with her in the car and was lost to look for my address. How can you have this pop up and have nobody sending any Verification codes to my text messages
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@Blablab1111--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forums!! If you experiencing issues with your account, asking to verify information, etc. please reach out to customer support:

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Why am I constanting getting an error message to refresh when I am trying to send a message to a seller?  How else am I supposed to reach them and how in the world are they supposed to be able to sell their items?