Will this type of item sell on OfferUp?

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I make silicone and wood pacifier clips and bracelet teethers babies and children. Is OfferUp a good place for these items or should I try another app? Any ideas what I should charge? I have a small online shop where I sell them for 10.95 to 12.95.
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Maybe. I was looking for those tethers and breastfeeding necklace/teether that mom can wear but showed very few results. Your prices are very reasonable.
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If you list the ones that you already have, you should be good. Posting that you make them on the actual app would be prohibited because that would be providing a service.
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@aidenholley I think if she’s already made them they would be considered inventory and would not be prohibited.

If she custom makes them maybe that would be considered a service. But then again - I’m confused - why are there so many OfferUp sellers with custom listings? If it’s prohibited why is OfferUp allowing the listings? I’ve reported prohibited items many times and nothing is done - listings stay up. I had one seller laugh and say “Go ahead” (and report her) because she knew OfferUp wouldn’t take her listing down and yup - it’s still there. I feel like I’m in the Wild West where anything goes.
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That is why I stated what I did in my response. Sometimes it takes a while for Offerup to go through all the reports. If it is clearly against the guidelines, they will take it down immediately.