Wondering about extension for payment release

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So.. I purchased an item with shipping on the offer up app a few days ago, and the shipment arrived yesterday. It was a Nintendo switch that was supposed to come with 2 games. When it arrived, the item only came with 1 game so I informed the seller and after a while of looking they said that they would ship the game to me and that it would arrive 2 days from today, on 7/20. I am not looking to refund this item as the price I got was very good, but would like to be able to hold the seller accountable for shipping the remaining game and was wondering if the payment release could be extended for a few days so that I may inspect the game when it arrives to see if it is working, as it is due to arrive in 2 days from now, by which offer up would have already released payment to the seller. If anyone knows of how this could work, please share any suggestions, thanks!

Community Helper
Unfortunately, since it has been marked delivered, I dont think you can have it extended. I think it is highly likely that the seller did this on purpose so they could get paid. I would go ahead and submit a buyer's claim.