Worst customer service ever!

Level 1

I have experienced the absolute worst customer service ever with offer up.

i purchased an iPad through shipping, I was charged twice ( because the seller accidentally used a second shipping label he purchased himself) so far double charged.

upon receipt of the item I immediately realize it was misrepresented as a newer series when it was actually an original iPad mini, so I clearly want to return for a full refund.

to my horror I try multiple times within a 24 hour period to open a buyer protection case, however I continuously receive an error message from the app, on my phone and iPad as well as the website. Since I am unable to open a case on my own iMessage customer service. They take 24 hours to respond and give me instructions on everything I’ve already done. They refuse to help and say it’s been escalated to senior payment specialists.

its been four days now since they last made contact I’ve sent multiple messages along with all necessary information and pictures. The seller agreed via message that he was at fault and accidentally misrepresented. 

There are now two open transaction ids for this item both debited from my credit card. I just want a prepaid shipping label and for the purchase to be refunded ASAP. This makes me never want to buy on offer up again. Sellers are safe buyers get screwed