Would you be offended if...

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An OfferUp user politely reminded you to archive a post, due to the length of time posted... 6+ months?

Currently, there are numerous posts in my area that are over 6+ months, in the FREE category.
Feedback... Appreciate!

I would not be offended, but I would bet that more than 50% of these people would reply back with..."mind your own business", "f$ck off", "you have too much time on your hands",etc.


Some people just don't care and/or are lazy since it's a free app.  It does not cost them anything.  

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You are correct @factsdontcare,
some people just don't care!
There is always a purpose for another's choices, even though unaware to others.
In addition...
"Time is an aspect of relativity... not a continuum" Smiley Wink TULU!