Would you want Wish Lists or Want Lists?

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Not me, personally. My wishlists everywhere else go largely ignored after it’s been put in there and OfferUp just doesn’t seem like it would work well with a wishlist feature. Majority of the time if you don’t have the money ready for an item that’s more desired (usually specific electronics), then you’re SOL and the item is likely gone by the time you get the money. Other times most people would clutter their wishlist with things they don’t actually want. Then there the issue of having an item listed for 3 mos and the seller either gave up on offerup or stopped responding to messages. It’s a hit or miss, I just see more cons than pros at the moment
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Absolutely, I was just going to ask where I could find a place to put an item that I am searching for and hoping to find
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I have gotten to a point in my life where I have all the the things that I need irnwant.  A t this m point I am trying to get rid of things that I have.

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I think a " will barter or trade for" feature would be cool to add with the iso feature suggestion.
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only if the database made an effort to match that wish/want to items for sale in the area.  as a seller i would never read an ISO list.  but if someone wants/wishes for Mens Reebok under $50 and could find that because the DATABASE filters results to that extent then notifies the wisher then i dont see why not.  otherwise i do not see why the quick save board and create a board feature doesnt serve that same purpose.  

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Absolutely. I think it would be a great added feature. If someone didn't want to use it, it would be of no consequence. 😊
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Ability to either negate or respond to "response rate" percentage.

With scammers or extreme low ballers "I'll take it for free, or a dollar", I dont acknowledge nor respond. Shouldn't need to.

Also what is purpose of bumping when everyone relists same stuff each day?
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Elin, Here I go with my brainstorming… I see two different list that you are proposing. First, I see a “Wish List” the items you wish you could have… The wish list  function itself serves as a way for buyer’s to select and track their desired items for purchase at a later date. These are the items that you have seen on offerup and wishing for them  or creating a gift list for someone else to gift to you.

The second list that I am seeing is the “Want List”  looking for list… Something that you would like to locate or find.

Yes and Yes I would like to see these two features in the future. I can see strong benefits for the community by having both the wish list and the  want/search list.  

What It Would Look Like:

ability to view items that have been placed on wish/want lists with private or public options

select and track desired items for purchase at a later date

user friendly

a way to sort and track buyer’s list

easy add/delete list/items

notification - tag using key words… I will be notified


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Yes bcuz alot of times in the free section i see people that need this or that.. Or trade this or that.. So we need a wish or want category.. Also for jobs needed or services.. All this ends up in the free section and it takes up space there.. Also things that arent for free are in the free section.. And if possible after things are sold couldnt you put that in another part of our profile so in the category doesnt have a bunch of sold items.. Just sayin.. My thoughts to make things easier for all of us.. Thank you tanya hendricks
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