Wrong city name for zip code

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When I type in my zip code, it gives a different city name that’s not an actual city but an area, and when I changed it to the town above mine (Laguna Niguel) it says Laguna Beach which is about 15 minutes north.
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@Jimmyhendrix Let me be one of the first to welcome you to the OfferUp Community forum,

Jimmyhendrix I always recommend trying to updating location from the website rather than the app. keep in mind map is approximate to keep sellers location private. I’ve also added OfferUp help page instructions below on how to change your location from the website. after doing so check your location in the app, if you’re selling items, I would recommend checking item location in each post and editing location if needed.

Change your account location

The first time you log in to the OfferUp app, we’ll get your location to show you items near you. If you've moved or your original location wasn't quite right, change it in your account.
In the app
1 Open the OfferUp app
2 Tap  Account, then  Settings
3 Tap your current location to edit it
4 Tap Get my location (iOS) or Get current location (Android), or enter your ZIP code
6 Tap Save Location

On the website
1 Go to OfferUp.com
2 Click your name. If you don't see your name, click Login and enter your email and password
3 Click Settings, then click on Location
4 Start typing a ZIP code or the name of your city, then choose a location from the drop down menu. Your location won't be updated if you don't click an option.
5 Click Save Changes

If your still having issues I would recommend contacting customer care I’ve added the link below, you can also contact customer care through Twitter at OfferUp if this option is available to you.😎🇬🇧🔚

OfferUp Customer care