You need to do more to attract buyers and not annoy sellers. The buyers handle that part just fine.

Level 3

Now you folks are adding these inline messages in my offer summary page on my phone talking about how buyers nationwide want my stuff, blah blah blah.  I will never ship anything ever.  I sell local only.


The #1 problem on offerup is the quality of the "buyers".  Window shoppers, people who can't be bothered to read (including the headline), people who low ball, people who complain you charge too much (jeeze us sellers can't win), people who only ask is it availble and you never hear from them again, people who aren't getting paid for 2 weeks and can you hold this, etc.


Stop going out of your way to develop new "features" that only serve to annoy the reason you are in business: the sellers.  The buyers annoy me enough.



Level 9
Preach it @Seller212 !
I bet most people sell locally. I never sell nationally using OU. Their payment system seem so painful. For national and international [I actually sold boots to a lady in Moscow, and shirt to Argentina once] I use eBay, faster payments and easier tracking system for shipping items.
OU should definitely concentrate on local sales.