Your first look at a new way to experience OfferUp Shipping!

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Do you suffer from “Smartphone Thumb” after scrolling through OfferUp on your phone for hours on end? If you find yourself heading to OfferUp for something specific only to be distracted by other awesome finds, we have a solution for you! Introducing our whole new Shipping tab available on OfferUp for your desktop. You can browse through the endless amount of items easier than ever from your desktop or tablet. Check this out to see what I mean!


New Shipping Tab.png

This new design really brings a modern, intuitive feel to the whole shipping process. Personally, I love the fact that it’s so clean and simple - really easy on the eyes! You can narrow down the search by exploring the suggested items for each category, and combine your search efforts by browsing items for local pickup at the same time.

Shipping Filter.png

My favorite part is how you can filter items by brand without needing to type in what the brand is! I can really see this make shopping for gifts so much easier, especially for the friend with specific tastes. These filter suggestions are based on popular brands you can find on OfferUp.


New Shipping Tab Brands.png

New Shipping Tab 4.png


I’m also obsessed with the additional clothing filter options. Now I won’t have to see little boys items when I search for women’s jeans!


New Shipping Tab 3.png

How do you feel about this change, and what’s your favorite part? Share your opinions below!

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Hi, is there any way we could add “ quantity “ on listings ? That way people could buy more than 1 unit and we wouldn’t have to relist items is there is more than one . Thanks !!!
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I LOVE this idea @dd37571 - this is something we've talked about! 

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This is very fresh @Mj_206!
Will have to grab my tablet and check it out... mostly visit OU via mobile app.
Sounds very easy to maneuver and find specific items for sure!
Multiples would be a super posting addition. Nice suggestion @dd37571!
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As much as I love the new feature,and I really do love it, it’s simply “lipstick on a pig”
I’m not trying to compare OfferUp to a pig but what I AM saying is that there are foundational flaws that do not seem to be getting addressed.
As a loyal seller on OfferUp and a vintage/resale furnishings store owner I do this full-time and it saddens me when I see these amazing companies like OfferUp only caring about the end result or the “acquisition”. If I were considering paying millions of dollars for a company that is a resale retail marketplace I wouldn’t care about the pretty pages or the shiny this or that. I would go to the core, which in this case is the buyers and sellers. They are this companies foundation and they are that one area that seems to be getting forgotten about. When your basic fundamentals of your app don’t seem to be working properly for your sellers or buyers and they literally have no way of actually getting help then something is really broken or the companies leaders aren’t thinking about them....
I love that OfferUp continues to try new things and add new features but as a loyal, highly profitable seller here on OfferUp I would love nothing more than to actually have my voice heard and to see OfferUp focusing more on the basic necessities of its users.... 😉
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Would be great if I can see the price tags as well on image thumbnails. It will give access to the user. I don't have to click the item to see the price every time. This will give more clarity on #of times the item was viewed. I see this option only for the sponsored items, can this be extended for all items?
Hi I’m having a hard time looking for shipping when I post an item up it’s not giving me a option to put shipping what can I do
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@Tattmeup  I couldn't agree more! My biggest dislike of Offer Up is that they allow RETAIL ADS to be posted on their platform! This is truly a "back-stab" if ever I felt one!  Offer Up is supposed to be a place for individual buyers and sellers to sell and purchase "re-purposed" goods... not an event for retailers to compete with other sellers as they do in the RETAIL market place!  (I am certain Offer Up makes money from retailers to allow them to list on their site...why else would they allow it?) It is one thing for a retailer to list higher priced goods on the site, as most of us will list a price at a substantial discount off RETAIL when it is a big ticket item when brand new; when I find an item of mine being "hawked" by a retailer, AND their price is now lower than what I paid for it brand  new, AND it is a lower price point item, it is reasonable to assume that potential buyers might consider purchasing from the retailer if the difference in price is not that much, especially if shipping is included! 


One week after I posted an item on OfferUp, 3 (yup, 3!) different retailers had posted an ad of the exact same item! The price differential came out to be minimal considering included shipping, and the fact that the item was new, versus mine being used, even though mine looked brand new. What buyers forget is that an additional 10% for sales tax is added on by retailers, but by the time the buyer has gone through all of that, they are now soured on the item and probably looking at similar items on the retail site which is really the ultimate intention of the RETAIL ad on OfferUp to begin with, right?  I know Offer Up is getting kick back on this because I cannot use the very same technique within Offer Up: "link baiting".  Us non-RETAIL sellers have to jump thru hoops to provide outside forms of communication to potential buyers; asterisks, spelling out numbers and website designations. But no hypertext linking.  


If this type of policy is continued on Offer Up, I will not be attempting to sell or even buy on Offer Up for very much longer. The playing field is not only not level, but the rules are unfair.  As long as I have Craigslist, I have an alternative. And have begun dual-listing items. I have noticed many serious sellers doing the same.


It's just economically unfeasible to not do that.  And, unnecessary interaction and commentary is side-stepped.  


Here's to "truth in selling" policies! 😁

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I believe you have to sign up for that function, as well as their "TrueYou" service which means you have to disclose your bank account, credit cards, etc. So you can be charged when you ship. 😬 @Glamorousbabe 

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Isn’t the whole point of offerup to keep it local? Is this now eBay? It would be great if those filters are available the app and people can use it when they’re searching locally. What happened to “offerup is the most trusted way to buy and sell locally”. Seems like every update is for shipping and merchants/vendors.