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Ive had the same feelings as you but... the idea is starting to grow on me. The ebay fees are ridiculous, almost not worth it to sell there. Offerup is so great in so many ways already that it cant hurt the seller to grow with the app as innovation unrolls. Who could disagree with changes that promote profit... just keep it away from uncle sam as long as we can
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Fun Fact! OfferUp Shipping was launched exactly 1 year ago today!! 

I want to offer free shipping and I have everything set up but it still won’t let me pay for shipping it says buyers have to pay
@Tattmeup I totally agree! I don't sell on here anymore and I enjoyed being a top seller. I have ventured into a new heat press business and would love to sell on here again but something happened, I don't know if they changed the search engine options for Google etc but everything went down hill and the focus went way out in left field. It's a bummer
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One year already... @Mj_206!
Congrats OU on your first year. Smiley Happy
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@Mj_206 yay! Happy ou birthday
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we all are not professionals. start your own thing respectfully of course
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Thats why Im moving to "Let Go" and Craigslist. Offer up wants a cut id you ship it and they DO NOT SUPPORT you if you have issues which I have first hand experience of. I WOULD NEVER BUY OR SELL SOMETHING ON HERE THAT MUST BE SHIPPED and encourage everyone I know NOT TO.
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Isn't Freedom Grand!
From your user pic... looks like you've already made the move. 😉
Appreciate your feedback!
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As a social media marketer! I believe that making a option where they can select quantity takes away from the authenticity of the app.