Zip codes and the whole country being able to message you

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Can somebody please help me with how I can narrow down my zip code selling radius? I am getting messages from people from the opposite side of the country and its getting crazy annoying. I cant ship a china cabinet to you at the other end of the country, sorry. I thought this was supposed to be for people in your own area? I dont mind shipping items to people as I have once before; although it doesnt ask me that option anymore weirdly enough, but big items being shipped to people is absolutely ridiculous. My acct says the correct city and please -__-
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@Madds03 welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,

Madds03 When your posting items you should see the option to toggle shipping or no shipping, if your not seeing that option I would recommend contacting customer care,

OfferUp Customer care

If your still interested in shipping it’s going to give people nationwide shipping option,
That being said,
if you still want to shipping you could post your limit for your shipping area in your description in your posts.

What’s the zip code in your posts saying?
If the zip code isn’t correct, here’s the information below,

Change the location for your OfferUp account
The first time you log in to the OfferUp app, we get your location to show you items near you. If you've moved or your original location wasn't quite right, change it in your account. 
In the OfferUp app
1. Open the OfferUp app, then tap Account 

2. .
3. Tap Settings

4. , then tap the name of your current location.
5. Tap Get my location or enter your Zip Code.
6. Tap Save.
On the OfferUp website 
If you've moved or your original location wasn't quite right, you can change it on our website.
1. Go to and hover over your name. If you don't see your name, click Login and enter your email and password. 
2. Click Settings, then click on Location. 
3. Start typing the name of our city, then choose a location from the drop down menu. Your location won't be updated if you don't click an option.
4. Click Save Changes. 
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@Madds03 Do you honestly think there are no Spanish speaking people in your area?
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My zip and everything is all correct but im still getting people from california and such.... and thank you for trying to help its just frustrating
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Also the shipping option doesnt come up at all...
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@Madds03, Welcome to Community Forum, I try to figure out maybe when you post items last next ti last step where it asking you for shipping feature. There is that little box, it auto check, up right hand corner. Please uncheck that will let you deal with local area pick up only other it go thru nation wide shipping. Have you check it out? This easy fix but if it not then my second option referred contact customer care on your app.