difficult platform


I am new to offerup. However I've reached out to 3 sellers and no response. One seller I made an offer of asking price plus the $5 shipping that the platform recommended. No response.


Other two sellers no response. No interaction for all 3 items interested. 3 strikes and you're out. One of the items listed 2 days ago. The others within weeks.


This platform should police itself to remove users / items that don't respond.

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An estimate for reply rate can be viewed on the users profile.

No way to police this, you can report it (I'm sure it's one of the options) but I don't think they actually do anything about it.

Some people don't tell you that something was sold to someone else until they mark it or not at all.

I think it's bad manners, but not ban worthy as far as I can tell.

The shipping feature is also set ON by default and a couple users are lazy to tick it off OR it's a way to get more views.

To clarify I have experienced this and agree, it can be frustrating.

All you can do is ask for an update (has worked for me) if you notice they have read (✓✓) your message and it's been a day.
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Agree with you, there can be difficult buyers/sellers on any platform. Would just move on... you never know the reason for a non-response. As @goblin stated, the double green checks by the message shows it has been received and read. Hang in there & GLTU!