error message when blocking

Level 9
I've been getting this error for the last 3 days. I'm just going to archive all my items. Won't do anything for the items where an undesirable has already messaged me: they seem to be able to keep messaging even if I don't have anything for sale. But it will keep more losers that I can't block from being able to contact me. I can already only buy from people like myself who don't have an online payment method set up. And my location keeps randomly changing to neighborhoods that I don't live in. Way too many random unexplainable glitches. Just about ready to be done with this app.
That is awful! Funny thing, support chastised me for how I interacted with an abusive user even though I tried 20 times to try to block them, and had to listen to their vile disgusting messages.
Sometimes I think offerup doesnt take these issues seriously
Level 4

When I contacted them, they didn't even really read the email through, the responded that they were sorry that someone is harrassing me and give me instructions how to block them. I responded with "please read my message again, I know how to block, but it is'nt letting me do it", they just had guesses why it happened and said if I have any more problems, let them know. I guess they will get it fixed one day. Glad to see I am not the only one having problems. 

Level 1
Same, I block annoying low ballers that are a waste of time. But can't because of a malfunction. "Please try again" doesn't help anyone!
I get the same error and cannot block anybody... not cool and it is actually a bit UNSAFE to not be able to block somebody. I researched for a couple hours and saw that this was a problem a long time ago and was supposed to be fixed ling ago but it is happening to me and it makes me very uncomfortable that I can't block anybody.
Any help?
Level 4

FINALLY FIXED!... Well at least I can block people if needed, hopefully every one else can. Now they just need to fix it where you can block the unwanted ads like big car dealers, mattress stores and auto repair service shops from being seen day after day.