free stuff vs description prices

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I have been trying to look on the free stuff category and a lot of it says free or $0 but then when you read the description it says that they want money and I think that's false advertising and I don't really appreciate it does anyone have any suggestions or has this been brought to anyone's attention that can do something about it I'm kind of new to the communities though feel free to make some suggestions thank you
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Hi @franki welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,
I agree people shouldn’t put free when they are looking for money, that’s ridiculous. franki check this other thread out, I believe there’s a similar thread with similar topic, I’ll tag you into it, check your alerts top right looks like a bell, Or you can do a search from getting started page (PRice is a dollar or says free and isnt)
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Type 'free' in the search bar instead of looking by price.

Some people don't set a price in order to see what they can get for something, it's common — not that I agree with it in most cases.

It has been brought up before, although there are instances where this is necessary, for example a service.

Removing the ability to type 0 will just make people go to 1 instead — no way to fix this unless it's monitored by mods 24/7 which seems like a waste of time.
I agree whole-heartedly!
They could either put $.01 OR Offer Up could make an price point catagory for these listings.