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Hi I'm David, I just wanted to share a little about myself. I started using OfferUp about 2 years ago, I was a homeless, hopeless drug and alcohol addict just moved into a sober house, not really sure what to expect . Just started a job and was making a few bucks but I had a passion for phones, so I started buying and selling on the app! It definitely kept my mind busy while I was working on my recovery. I can tell you it was a big part of my early recovery! It helped me work on my character and integrity, and I've meet a lot of different people. 5 star rating, at 150 plus over 300 items bought and sold! At the end of November I will have 2 years of sobriety! Thanks Offer Up for the opportunity !
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@MrBuck29 Welcome to the online community. We're so happy to have you here!

MrBuck29 that’s great! thanks for sharing. your post made my day!👍🇬🇧😎🔚
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@MrBuck29 Congratulations on your sobriety! My mother died from alcoholism and I miss her everyday. I love your post!
@Hotrod This post made my day too💙
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What an amazing story, @MrBuck29! It makes me so happy to hear that you've been able to find this success on OfferUp. Congratulations on (almost) 2 years of sobriety!!!! That is a HUGE accomplishment. 

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That is a true success story!
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Thank you for sharing your testimony with us. It takes a lot of bravery for you. Keep up the good work and never ever come back. You just change your famiky tree...God bless you dude...
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@MrBuck29--Welcome to the OfferUp Community Forum!! Thank you for sharing you amazing journey of sobriety!! Such an awesome accomplishment of being sober almost 2 years & using OfferUp as a tool for growth!! Thank you so much for sharing & I wish you the best!!
@MrBuck29 I love reading this! Congratulations on your determination and success! This would make a awesome Offerup blog post ♡
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Thank you! It's absolutely my job to carry the message! We do recover!
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Thank you!