help with error message

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hi can someone help me with the error message saying that im in danger of violating the company policies this is the second time the first time was a system error. can someone help me?

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cant replies to my messages

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I found this from another post asking the same question:
we send this message to users that may be spamming several community members with the same message. This is not an error message if it is letting you know that you are in danger of violating the community guidelines, as it is just a heads-up of the violations.

Try changing up the messages you are sending to people and this should help.
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so how long untill i can send message to users?

I'm not sure it didn't say. Reach out to customer support it might be something they need to fix
I just found this:
You should be able to message after 24/48 hours, if not again contact OfferUp customer care.

OfferUp Customer care
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Error code R37KPRMM?

If so, this is a common one.

If you are in good standing, do not worry it will resolve itself within a couple hours.

It persist longer than a day follow the link provided by BrightMoonstone to get more info on why you are seeing this error.