no ways to edit my phone

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I have been trying to edit my phone number and I have followed advice from a couple of kind ppl but when I go into edit my account the only things that I can see are my name, password, and location. Nothing about my phone. I am not able to join Tru you or anything. I requested help from the service center and when I was done with that an error popped up that said the service center was now aware of the issue but I should go to the forums and spell it out again, they provided a link that took me to the beginning of the service ticket I just got through filling out. I filled out another one and the same error message popped up again. I believe that I am not the only one who is having this problem. Sure would appreciate it if this issue was resolved.
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Hello @RonChee

I remember helping you with this issue a couple of weeks back. We even called in @Elin to help us and she gave you a link to the help center. I am so sorry that you have not been able to resolve this issue. Let me call on some other folks for some more advice. Help Please @Hotrod@goblin.

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Are you unable to post because of this issue?

I assume you're going into Account → Settings for the app. You won't find phone information there, only the three things as you stated (change; name, pass or location)

You can only verify you phone under Account as far as I'm aware.


Reading back, the original problem appears to be you were unable to verify your phone # — aka error 'that is not a valid number'

Are you using a VoIP app such as WhatsApp / Talkatone /TextFree Voice / Etc.?

If so, you'd have to use the number provided by your carrier to verify not the throwaway number.

Throwaway numbers generally don't work for apps, I've tested this.

Can I ask what the purpose of "editng your number" is — what are you trying to accomplish?

I see no option to do so, is this TruYou specific?
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Thanks @Shupat for letting me know about this issue. sorry for late response @RonChee I’ve added the information below from OfferUp about verifying or updating your phone number, this can be done from the OfferUp app. also just a heads up, if you want someone to respond in the future put this @ in front of their usernames like I did to your username in this response. If after trying this information and you still have issues, please contact the OfferUp customer care team through Facebook or Twitter or through the OfferUp app. Hope this helps you. 😊

Verify your phone number on OfferUp,
also Verify or update your phone number;

((Validate your mobile phone number)); with OfferUp to help keep your account secure and provide a way to verify you own the OfferUp account.

We won't share your phone number with the buyers and sellers on offerUp, and won't use your number to call you or text you at this time. OfferUp will never ask you to provide account information in a chat or over the phone.

Note: To access some OfferUp features, we require people to verify their mobile phone numbers.

((Verify or update your phone number)):

In the OfferUp app, tap Account .
Tap Confirm Phone, or if there's already a phone number, tap Edit.
Enter your phone number, then tap Send Code. You'll get a code via text message (SMS).
Verifying your phone number won't let you make calls through the OfferUp app. Keep using OfferUp messaging to communicate with buyers and sellers without sharing personal information.
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Hey @RonChee,

Did that all that excellent advice take care of your phone issue?

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I have the same issue. My phone number is not clickable in my profile. I am under account settings and my phone number is already verified. It just will not let me edit or change it. Any help? @RonChee @Shupat @goblin @Elin

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Strange, I'm not getting notified when I'm @....

Anyways, I'm not sure what could fix this.

You could always contact support.

You know, I don't even have a number set anymore it was removed and I haven't been asked to re-verify it.

Maybe try clearing cache and reinstalling.


To change the number, it's under the Account Tab, Gear Icon

Does it say Confirm Phone in the third option under Account?
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Pop up says (no phone) if registering from a laptop or tablet.