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Oh! Well if seller is allowed to give me address that changes everything for the better. Can they give me phone number, and/or I give them mine, as well? I was under the impression any personal information wasn't allowed but would be thrilled to be wrong as those rules seem to make it much harder to accomplish an efficient outcome. @factsdontcare 

I am now able to message again but don't want to "go to jail" again so I am trying to understand in detail just what is and is not allowed and what, in a message, will get me in trouble re OU's rules.



The..."don't give out personal info"...line is just a suggestion. Some users will refrain from sharing phone numbers, while others prefer it. It is up to you to make an informed deicsion.


There is nothing within the terms of service that prohibits users from exchanging personal info once a conversation has started within the messaging system.


I would suggest that you read the terms of service to check for yourself.

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The exchanging of personal information is merely a guideline for users. It is purely for safety reasons, to each his own.
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@REMEMBRANCE  @factsdontcare  Thank you both for your replies. I did read everything on the site I could find about rules, but nowhere does it mention that you can get suspended for copy/paste, yet I did (and evidently so did many dozens of others, from the results of a forum search). So it seems like you cannot infer that something is ok just because you can't find anything that says it isn't.

Here is a line from my email from support. Again, I am only trying to be sure I don't get in trouble again while using OU as easily as possible, but it seems there is a difference of opinion on whether you can share phone numbers. Excerpt from my email message received from OU Support: 

"...We want to keep OfferUp as trustworthy as possible, so we don't allow contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers or links, also avoid sending massive message to different people.
Please avoid this or your account will be flagged and you won't be able to message again."

I am a little afraid to ask people to give me model numbers for fear they might be seen by the "bot" as phone numbers! All these rules/guidelines/policies and the differences of opinion/interpretation between them is very confusing. Thank goodness I am only searching for one thing. Hopefully I will find it soon and be out of your hair Smiley Happy  Thank you both again for your replies.

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Absolutely @JWheel
The Community forum does contain tons of helpful information, in addition to the TOS & posting Guidelines.
Feel free to ask away anytime!
Take care Smiley Wink


If you refer to my initial reply, what you did was considered "spamming", which is why the automated bot flagged your account for a time-out. Spamming is prohibited. You will not find literal lists of what is prohibited, but your "behavior" of sending the exact same inquiry to multiple sellers is defined as spamming.


To reiterate, some suers will not exchange personal information for direct contact, so use your own judgment. In the end, all you require is an address to inspect the fridge.

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@factsdontcare Copy and paste exists for a reason: efficiency in not having to type the same thing over and over again. That it is considered spamming defies logic. No one could gather from a no-spam rule that a copy-paste process not involving anything spammy would still be considered spamming. 

I appreciate your invitation to use my own judgment as to phone numbers. However,  OU support staff clearly stated, if you refer to my previous reply, that the use of phone numbers in messaging will get your account flagged.

In the end, I am only interested in keeping my messaging capabilities intact until I can accomplish my goal. I'm pretty sure I can decide for for myself what sort of information I require to safely and effectively complete a buy. 

Good day to you, sir or madam.

I am having the same error and don’t know why. I don’t believe I’ve violated any rules