if someone has a grudge against you for something out of your control or because you said something that was completely valid they just didn’t like it and give you a bad rating will that mess up your overall rating is there anyway to contest it
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@tmacc_attakgang For now, your rating on OfferUp is the average of the number of gold stars other people rate you. People can see your rating where they see your name and profile photo. At this time, there’s no way to see individual ratings from individual people. 

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Yes @tmacc_attakgang I totally agree with what your saying, it happened to me, after I did buy an item for the offered price I got a bad rating. It was a hole year of selling items too get my ratings back too five stars ✨ on a other app I used if that happens they can look at the conversation between users and decide if your complaint is valid or not. But I don’t think OfferUp as that option? Would be great if they did.
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Is there a way to read or click the stars to see who gave the rating or why it is the way it Is? Will there be a way?

If not able to manage a feedback system then why have one? Thank you.
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Hi @d_r not yet, but there are new tools just released, if you get time check them out , they may help follow this information below,
if you open a persons items listed for sale just below their ratings⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ you will see their response time, meaning how long it takes them to answer questions.
Also, you will see My Offers which is their listed items for sale (pictures). To the right of that is Profile; you can either slide the pictures to the left or tap on the word Profile to open the page. This will show you Positive reviews based on sales and purchases, if they are on time, reliable, friendly, how they communicative. Below you will see Connections showing Followers and Following. You also have a Follow which enables you to follow that person. Also new options for car dealerships at the bottom of some dealers pages their are estimated payment, also you have the option to customize estimate
I had 100% response rate and now it dropped to 95%. I'm not sure why if I literally response to every single person that contacts me. Does anyone know why the percentage dropped?
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Hi @Alwaysinsearch it’s probably because a buyer gave you a lower response rating.
Also do you know why my items sometimes just mysteriously disappear from my account?
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Hi @Alwaysinsearch sorry I just noticed your response, if you want people to respond put this in front of their username like this @Hotrod as for your question, are you doing duplicate posts?if so they are automatically deleted, also duplicate posts in multiple categories get reported by people and removed.
@Hotrod I'm following all guidelines and not doing duplicates. I'm not sure why they are magically disappearing. I'm reading that other sellers had the same issue like me...very strange!