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Hi @Alwaysinsearch I see did you report this issue to the OfferUp customer support team?
@Hotrod I did email customer support, unfortunately they just sent me a generic template email saying not to post duplicates eventhough i explained my issues.
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Hi @Alwayssinsearch I’m sorry you don’t feel like you got your question answered,
I see they are saying the same thing I was saying to you, did they say they looked into your account and that’s the reason why your having these issue?
No they did not. They just sent a generic template. I never upload duplicates so it can't be that. I'll email them again to see if I get a different customer service rep. Thanks for your help.
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@Alwaysinsearch No problem let me know how it works out, I’ll let @Elin Community manager know so she can get involved in the conversation. She will see I’ve used her name and respond to you.
Agreed, seems pretty pointless.
I know this is an older post but I have had an experience like this.
Someone was selling a motherboard in a box claimed to be a tomahawk motherboard. I viewed the pictures further finding out that the motherboard in the box was a cheap model. Ddr2. So with that, building a computer, I would need components that are ddr2 compatible. While if he sold the tomahawk it was a ddr4 most updated model. Ddr4 items won't work with ddr2 components.
So to the point. I had already purchased the item before I saw the serial number not matching what he was advertising. So I confronted him about the difference and what was he really selling me. He never answered. Item never was shipped. I messaged asking at least when it would ship. He didn't answer. So I reported him. I mentioned he's selling things for more expensive than what is in the box and he won't answer his messages and I have already paid for the item. So offer up kept giving the benefit of the doubt to this guy. Giving time for him to ship. Holding on to my money. At that time I didn't even want either item . So time goes. It hits his 6 days. On that last day he "shipped" I waited for a package to be accepted at a post office and it never happened. So when I complained to offer up I had to be patient because he still gets time until delivery. Nothing happened. Later the man comes saying the item was stolen out of his car. That was all he wrote. But before that, since I reported him the first time, it's possible offer up mentioned the report. It was marked unlisted but wasn't removed.

Later I find my one and only rating a 2 star. That affects me. People my not want to deal with me because they assume I'm rated badly because I'm a scammer and that not fair. While this guy has full 4 star ratings that help it so people trust him which obviously he's not trustworthy. I wish there was a way for review and removal. Not from me but if offer up updates spiteful ratings so it could be honest rating good and bad . Not bad on spite when I didn't do anything wrong .