reporting scammers

So 3 times I have reported a scammer... And nothing has been done about removing the profile.
The photo is fake.
No location.
Offering to send a check from Texas
Once processed shippers will collect
But offer up needs to play their part and remove scammer profile as I think they could be scamming others like as with me.
Email and phone numbers had been verified, but still scammer is operating.. that's why they are a scammer among seller's.
Please look at my account and remove scammer me deleting person won't remove the scammer from this site.
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Someone took a picture of my truck and posted it for sale
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Hello @NoShowsBlockedS

I am sorry that you feel like nothing is being done. 

Each report sent in will be investigated and the appropriate action will be taken.


When you reported this person did you give specific details of this situation?


I will tag @Mj_206  our illustrious community manager to see if she has additional comments about this situation.

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Hey @BioTech

Are you sure that it is your truck?

You should report this person.

Tap on the picture of your truck and scroll down -- you will find the report tab.

Please keep me updated!


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Same thing here... seems like Offerup has no moral obligation to look after the welfare of its members. I, too reported a scammer on numerous occassions and even went to the extent of reposting his items fof sale with a warning to other members of his scamming ways. This guy not only modified his item for sale wherein he scammed me, he even had the audacity to create 2 more offerings like it. This is making me lose confidence in Offerup. Since they can't help you with a refund, the least they could do is act on legitimate complaints.
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I hear ya, my motorcycle got stolen the other day from a guy on here.